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Official Distributor of Emcee Electronics instruments (Models 1140, 1152, 1153, 1154, 1150); Falex F400 Thermal Oxidation Tester; FMS PORLA Stability Analyser. We supply Consumable Materials for Aero Engines including OMAT, COMAT, CML, SPM.
Falex Heater Tubes Approved in Def-Stan 91-91

Update to Def-Stan 91-91

Falex Heater Tubes and the Falex F400 Thermal Oxidation Tester are now approved in Def-Stan 91-91 issue 7, Amendment 1, published in December 2011. The Falex F400 and Falex Heater tubes are already approved in ASTM D3241 Standard Test Method for Thermal Oxidation of Aviation Turbine Fuels and ASTM D1655 Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel.

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