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Support and Warranty

Med-Lab is an authorised distributor for Emcee Electronics and Falex Instruments.  
We also support the products we sell including technical queries, repairs and a calibration service.

If you have a faulty instrument, require a calibration, need an instruction manual, are looking for a spare part or need to troubleshoot a problem, we have several guides and tips to help!

For Emcee Electronics products, Emcee has provided several YouTube videos which are very useful if you are unfamiliar with the testing procedure or are seeing unexpected results in your test.





All the products Med-Lab sell and repairs are covered by a 12 month warranty.
This covers the whole instrument if purchased from us from new, or it covers the replaced items if an instrument has been sent to us for repair.

Please be aware, the warranty is voided if any unauthorised repair or tampering has been done or if the instrument has been subsequently damaged or has signs of liquid damage.
The instrument has to be returned to Med-Lab and examined before any warranty claim can be verified and does not fall into the categories above.

Agility always receive a 1st class service from Med-Lab, we would not deal with any other Dangerous Goods packer.

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