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Official Distributor of Emcee Electronics instruments (Models 1140, 1152, 1153, 1154, 1150); Falex F400 Thermal Oxidation Tester; FMS PORLA Stability Analyser. We supply Consumable Materials for Aero Engines including OMAT, COMAT, CML, SPM.
Overhaul Materials

Med-Lab have sales staff with over 100 years of aviation consumable experience between them. This extensive knowledge of product, hazard codes and associated safety and technical data means that your orders will be supplied correctly, promptly and above all safely to your facility.

Med-Lab have our own in-house packing department. They are trained in packaging of goods (both hazardous and non-hazardous) for transport by air, road and sea. This means that your orders will arrive in the same condition that they are despatched and hence ready for immediate use.

Med-Lab is listed for hundreds of items in the Rolls-Royce Overhaul Materials Consumable Manual (OMAT) as supplier UK10 and in the IAE Consumable Overhaul Materials Consumable Manual (COMAT) as supplier K6835. Med-Lab is also listed by Airbus in the Consumable Materials List (CML). We are able to supply certified and approved materials for use on all other makes and models of aero engines. Please contact us with your requirements at ml-sales@cytec.com.

Through our regular liaison with the OMAT office, Med-Lab offers up-to-date information on discontinued products and advising manufacturers' alternatives.

Key Manufacturers and Products
3M AkzoNobel Ambersil
Ardrox Bostik Dow Corning
Fuchs Lubricants Indestructible Paints
Loctite Magnaflux Permabond
PPG Aerospace Rocol Shell
Product Groups
Abrasives Adhesives Bar and Tube
Brushes Cloths Compounds
Fluids Fluxes
Greases Lacquers Lubricants
Miscellaneous Mops Oils
Paints Paper Powders
Primers Resins Rivets
Sealants Sheet Metal Solders
Tapes Thinners Varnishes



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