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Official Distributor of Emcee Electronics instruments (Models 1140, 1152, 1153, 1154, 1150); Falex F400 Thermal Oxidation Tester; FMS PORLA Stability Analyser. We supply Consumable Materials for Aero Engines including OMAT, COMAT, CML, SPM.
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Who We Are

Med-Lab has been in the Aerospace and Petrochemical distribution business for over 30 years and are part of Cytec Industries.

The Falex F400 Thermal Oxidation Stability Analyser for Aviation Turbine Fuels and Heater Tubes has now been approved in ASTM D3241 and ASTM D1655 for Aviation Turbine Fuel (Jet A-1) and included in Def-Stan 91-91, November 2011 amendment.

We supply the complete range of Emcee Electronics instruments for testing aviation jet fuel and diesel. These include the Microseparometer , Digital Conductivity Meters (models 1152, 1153 and 1154) and the Model 1150 Staticon® On-line Conductivity Monitoring and Control System.

The FMS PORLA Fully Automatic Analyser for the Stability and Compatibility of Heavy Fuel Oil and Crude Oil (ASTM D7112) is available from Med-Lab. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Med-Lab supplies a full range of consumable materials for the maintenance and overhaul of aero engines. Med-Lab is listed for thousands of items in the Rolls-Royce Overhaul Materials Consumable Manual (OMAT) as supplier UK10 and in the IAE Consumable Overhaul Materials Consumable Manual (COMAT) as supplier K6835. Med-Lab is also listed by Airbus in the Consumable Materials List (CML). We are able to supply certified and approved materials for use on all other makes and models of aero engines. For more details of these products, please visit our Overhaul Products page.


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