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  • AFC Aviation Fuels Committee, London (17-18 March 2020)

    Med-Lab will be attending the annual AFC Aviation Fuels Committee meeting in London, England.  The event takes place on 17-18 March and is hosted by the Energy Institute on behalf of the Defence Strategic Fuels Authority.  It will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest aviation fuel specifications and standards.

    Med-Lab will be exhibiting instruments from Emcee Electronics (Microseparometer, Conductivity Meters) and Falex Corporation (F400 Thermal Oxidation and F430 ETR Ellipsometer).

    Med-lab will also pr... READ MORE >

  • Worldwide Distribution of Neostrip and Purasolv

    Med-Lab is pleased to announce that we have been appointed exclusive worldwide distributor by Rutpen Limited.  The agreement covers the supply of their Neostrip 710 and Purasolv EL cleaning products.

    Rutpen are chemical specialists with knowledge developed from almost 50 years of operating in the solvent industry.  Their customer and product base has grown from a desire to solve complex chemical-related problems.

    Med-Lab is a stockist and distributor of a full range of consumable... READ MORE >

  • Med-Lab achieve EN 9120 Certification

    Med-Lab are excited to announce that we have achieved certification to EN 9120:2018.

    Med-Lab has been certified to ISO9001 since 1983 but decided to commit to this approval to enhance the level of service offered to our aerospace customers.  EN 9120 is based on ISO 9001 but with additional enhancements aimed specifically at the aerospace industry.  Achieving this approval demonstrates the robustness of Med-Lab's processes and procedures, and that we are committed to providing the best possible service to our aerospace cu... READ MORE >

  • OMAT 8/201C Glass Fibre Fabric in stock

    Med-Lab are pleased to announce that OMAT 8/201C (Glass Fibre Fabric Plain Weave 106, 02034 FK800 Silane Coated) is now available in stock for immediate delivery.  The dimensions available are 1260 (w) x 1000mm.

    For further details and to request a quote, click here

    ... READ MORE >
  • Emcee Electronics gains ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation

    We are pleased to announce that Emcee Electronics have achieved ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for the Chemical Calibration and Testing of their Model 1140 Microseparometer and Model 1152/1153 Conductivity Meters.

    ... READ MORE >
  • Med-Lab exhibit with Falex at the AFC meeting 20+21 March

    Med-lab will be exhibiting at the Aircraft Fuels Group meeting with Falex in London on 20th and 21st March.

    We will be showing a Falex F430 ETR and will have several members of Med-Lab and Falex staff present.  If you plan to be at the meeting, come and see the instrument and find out more about Falex equipment.

    ... READ MORE >
  • 1152 Fuel handling - Best Practise

    Med-Lab has received several queries recently regarding best practise of handling the 1152 Hand-held Conductivity Meter.  For this reason, we have released the following text and advise all of our customers using this instrument to be aware of this and to follow it where possible.

    Day to day handling of the 1152 instrument with fuel may cause the buttons and / or display to fail if liquid is introduced to these areas over time.  If this occurs, the display and / or buttons can fail prematurely requiring repair / calibratio... READ MORE >

  • End of Life for Emcee Model Mark V (Mark 5) Microseparometer

    The MK-V Microseparometer is no longer supported by the manufacturer – Emcee Electronics. Production of this Model ceased at the end of 2008 with instruments with a 6-digit serial number. 5-digit serial number instruments have been un-supported for some time as they ceased production at the end of 2000.  This means that they are at least 18 years old.

    Any instrument with a serial number 107378 or below is no longer supported.

    The current model Microseparometer is the Mk-X instrument
    https://w... READ MORE >

  • Falex F430 Ellipsometer Supplied

    Med-Lab are proud to announce that we have supplied a Falex Corporation F430 Ellipsometer (ETR) into a major research laboratory located in Scandinavia.  The instrument will be used to measure the thickness of deposits on Heater Tubes used in jet fuel testing to ASTM D3241, IP323 and ISO 6249.

    The instrument is the D3241 referee method for measuring tube deposits.

    ... READ MORE >
  • Falex F400 System Supplied

    Med-Lab are proud to have sold another Falex Corporation F400 Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester.

    This instrument has been supplied into Southern Europe and will be commissioned and become operational in May.

    ... READ MORE >
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