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Hylomar Aerograde Ultra Light PL32A (standard version) (OMAT 4/46A)

Product Code: 4/46A
Category: Compounds
Specification: MSRR9055 AFS147C DTD900/4586
Packet Size: 75ml tube
Hylomar Aerograde Ultra Light PL32A (standard version) (OMAT 4/46A) Hylomar Aerograde PL32A Light is a highly engineered polyester-urethane based non-setting and nonhardening gasketing compound for use in the aeronautical industry. Hylomar Aerograde Ultra was developed in response to requests from Rolls Royce - Aerospace Division for a chlorinated solvent free version of Hylomar Aerograde. Aerograde Ultra can operate at temperatures between ?50

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