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Official Distributor of Emcee Electronics instruments (Models 1140, 1152, 1153, 1154, 1150); Falex F400 Thermal Oxidation Tester; FMS PORLA Stability Analyser. We supply Consumable Materials for Aero Engines including OMAT, COMAT, CML, SPM.

Med-Lab has been in the Aerospace and Petrochemical distribution business for over 35 years and are part of Cytec Industries.

Med-Lab supplies a full range of consumable materials for the maintenance and overhaul of aero engines, particularly Rolls-Royce and IAE.

Med-Lab supplies a range of instruments for the testing of petroleum products including aviation kerosene, diesel, gasoline, heavy fuel and crude oils.

Med-Lab's goal is to pursue our traditional values of high quality service backed by friendly knowledgeable staff. We utilise the latest technology and software to give fast turnaround of orders as demanded by all our customers.

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Med-Lab supply Falex Heater Tubes, the F400 Thermal Oxidation Tester, and the
F430 Ellipsometer

Approved to ASTM D3241/IP323
Approved in
DEF-STAN 91-91/ASTM D1655

ASTM D3241/IP323 Thermal Oxidation Stability of Aviation Turbine Fuels requires a strict conformance for the jet fuel industry for this critical test. The Falex F400 matches results due to the critical equipment specification that controls the heater test section and test conditions.

Designed for years of long operation, the reliable Falex F400 provides traceability, long maintenance intervals and results you can trust:

  • Automatic aeration and fuel cleaning at the beginning of the test
  • Priming is very simple with easy access and processor control
  • Certified thermocouples guarantee accuracy without the need for calibration with lead.



Falex Heater Tube Kit ASTM D3241 Thermal Oxidation Stability, Def-Stan 91-91, available from Med-Lab

Heater Tube Filter Kit

Falex F400 Tester for ASTM D3241 Thermal Oxidation Stability, Def-Stan 91-91, available from Med-Lab

Falex F400
Thermal Oxidation Tester




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