Returning An Instrument

If your instrument has a problem, or you are sending it to Med-Lab for calibration, you need to make sure the address, contact details and, if sending from outside the EU, import documentation are correct.

If you are sending from within the EU then just send to the address below.
The contact address you need is:
Petrochemical Department
Copeland Street
United Kingdom
Tel +44 1332 349094
Mail [email protected]

When sending from outside of the EU, the correct Commodity Code and Values must be used and shown on all paperwork.

Use the commodity codes as follows:
   Microseparometer Mk-X or Mk-V - 90278099
   Conductivity Meters (models 1152, 1153, 1154) - 90278011
   CPC 40 00 000 must be used for all instruments

The text "Value of Instrument for Customs Purposes Only" must appear on the Shipping Document as follows:
   1140 Mk X, GBP 5,000 (five thousand)
   1140 Mk V, GBP 3,950 (three thousand, nine hundred and fifty)
   1152, 1153, 1154, GBP 795 (seven hundred and ninety-five)

All charges for delivery to Med-Lab, Derby, UK, must be on your account.
Failure to comply with the above system will incur a fine of GBP 1,000