We supply a complete range of Falex and Emcee Electronics' instruments for testing aviation jet fuel, gasoline and diesel. These include the Microseparometer (1140) , Digital Conductivity Meters (1152, 1153 and 1154) and the Model 1150 StaticonĀ® On-line Conductivity Monitoring and Control System, Falex Jet Fuel Thermal OxidationTester (F400) and Falex Ellipsometer (F430).


What is the Petrochemical Division?

Med-Lab has strong links with the path crude oil takes from reaching land, being refined, through analysis and transportation to its final destination.  We regularly deal with large, multinational companies who operate the refineries themselves; pipelines who transport the product across countries and continents; local laboratories and airports where the product is loaded onto the aircraft. 

Med-Lab also deal with the Military services of several European and Scandinavian countries, annually visiting their locations to perform checks and calibrations of the instruments supplied and supported by us.