Med-Lab is able to calibrate all the instruments we sell and are involved with.

Med-Lab recommends an annual calibration of all Emcee Electronics and Falex Instruments. This service can be performed by returning your instrument to our site in the UK as specified in the RETURNING AN INSTRUMENT TO US page.

Here is a description of the calibration we perform.

Conductivity Meters 1152, 1153 & 1154
We perform a 2 stage calibration of these devices. The instrument is calibrated electronically using ‘CU’ boxes as specified by the manufacturer – Emcee Electronics.  The instrument is then configured to the probe if necessary. The instrument is then calibrated chemically by comparing the instrument and probe combination by testing against the reference 1154 conductivity meter at Med-Lab as specified in the ASTM Method.

Microseparometer Mk-X & Mk-V
The calibration of the Microseparometer checks and verifies 3 areas of the instrument. These are the syringe time (depending on fuel tested), emulsifier rotation speed and electrical calibration of the turbidity cell. These are all externally measured and adjusted if necessary before a full final test is performed to validate the instrument. 

Med-Lab uses various equipment for its calibrations at our base and on-site.
These items are all calibrated externally and are listed below.

Fluke Multimeter Serial 78640328 Calibration Certificate

Digital Volt Meter Serial 06401577 Calibration Certificate

1154 Serial 16474 Reference Conductivity Meter Calibration Certificate

1154 Serial 107124 Reference Conductivity Meter Calibration Certificate