Aviation Fuel Testing

The standard environment for the majority of our Petrochemical test equipment lies within Aviation fuel. 

Oil refineries, Independent Laboratories, Pipelines, Airports, Fuelling stations and Military installations all use and are familiar with many of the instruments we supply.

These are typically used during the production and shipping of Jet Fuel, Diesel, Kerosene and Kerosene products, analysing conductivity, water separation,  and thermal oxidation levels.

Instruments from Emcee Electronics and Falex instruments are common sights.

The Electrical Conductivity meters 1150, 1152, 1153 & 1154 are all frequently used by Airports, Laboratories, Pipelines and Refineries.  They are used to measure fuels supplied against various national and international standards and specifications, including ASTM D1655, DEF-STAN 91-091, Joint Inspection Group (JIG) AFQRJOS and ASTM D975.

During the production of these fuels at Refineries or when they are received at harbours, pipelines or Military installations, Jet Fuel is tested using the Falex F400 instrument and HTFK consumables for ASTM D3241 (IP323), and also the Emcee Electronics' Model 1140 Mark X Microseparometer using Six Pack consumables to ASTM D3948.  These locations will also test to ASTM D2624 (IP274).