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    Overhaul Materials

    Med-Lab supplies a full range of consumable materials for the maintenance and overhaul of aero engines. Med-Lab is listed for thousands of items in the Rolls-Royce Overhaul Materials Consumable Manual (OMAT), in the IAE Consumable Overhaul Materials Consumable Manual (COMAT) & listed by Airbus in the Consumable Materials List (CML).

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What are Overhaul Materials?

Overhaul Materials are products that are used in the maintenance and overhaul of aero engines.

Med-Lab supplies consumable Overhaul Materials.  These are used during the maintenance and overhaul of an engine.  Spare parts are not usually described as Overhaul Materials.

Typical consumable Overhaul Materials include coatings, varnish, sealants, welding wire and tapes.

Agility always receive a 1st class service from Med-Lab, we would not deal with any other Dangerous Goods packer.

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