VCI Paper PE Coated MetPro PN 871 900mm x 100m OMAT 1221E (OMAT 1221E_)

Product Code: 1221E_
Category: Overhaul Materials
Specification: MIL-PRF-3420 Class 1 Style A Form B spec
Specification 2: (CSS117 for reference purpose only)
Specification 3:
Packet Size: 100m
A 40gsm +/- 5% MG unbleached Kraft coated with 12gsm PE impregnated with Primex anti-corrosion (VCI) coating. Unprinted. Total Substance: 56 ? 62gsm Primex (VCI) Weight: 4-10gsm. End Application: Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals. Main Features: Will protect Ferrous and non-Ferrous metals Unique non-staining Formulation & Printable Nitrite Free & Low Odour MIL-PRF-3420 Class 1 Style A Form B spec (CSS117 for reference purpose only)