Tape Masking Black Waterproof AT7 6 inch x 33m roll (OMAT 2/94/6 INCH)

Product Code: 2/94/6 INCH
Category: Overhaul Materials
Specification: BS EN 60454 Type 2 (Was BS 3924)
Specification 2: CSS13 COMAT 02-005
Specification 3:
Packet Size: 33m
6 inch width lead free PVC Electrical Insulation Tape. Coated with pressure sensitive adhesive material. Flame retardant Self-extinguishing Easy tear Easy unwind Flexible Conformable to awkward shapes. Water resistant Good abrasion resistance UV resistant. Contains Non-corrosive adhesive BS EN 60454 Type 2 (Was BS 3924) CSS13 COMAT 02-005