Tape Adhesive Silicone Poly Scapa 1601 Blue 38mm (1.5IN) x 33m (OMAT 283B_38MM)

Product Code: 283B_38MM
Category: Overhaul Materials
Specification: (CSS13)
Specification 2:
Specification 3:
Packet Size: 33m
38mm Width. Scapa 1601 is a 23µ clear polyester film single coated with a translucent blue silicone pressure sensitive adhesive system 68µ total thickness. Recommended for a variety of masking and splicing applications. Masking contacts during PCB manufacturing. High temperature masking during curing cycles. Masking during chemical etching. Splicing of various types of substrates particularly siliconised surfaces like silicone release papers.End roll tabbing. (CSS13)