Thinner T17 Industrial Epoxy Thinner (OMAT 793)

Product Code: 793
Category: Overhaul Materials
Specification: MSRR9064 Issue 10
Specification 2: SP-J-513-A-0016 TY:1 CL:A
Specification 3: COMAT 07-082
Packet Size: 5L
T17 Thinner is an industrial epoxy thinner used in the Aerospace industry and commonly used in conjuction with EC75 and Activator 65-68 products. The combined applications cover a wide range of specifications including MSRR9064 DEFSTAN 80-161 and more. MSRR9064 Issue 10 SP-J-513-A-0016 TY:1 CL:A COMAT 07-082