Polysulphide Compound PR1440 B2 Two Part Sealer SEMKIT (OMAT 8/219_150ML SK)

Product Code: 8/219_150ML SK
Category: Overhaul Materials
Specification: No longer released to DTD 900/6138
Specification 2: or AFS 1910 MSRR9144
Specification 3: (MIL-S-8802 for info only )
Packet Size: 150mL
PR-1440 Class B is an aircraft integral fuel tank sealant. It has a service temperature range from -65∞F (-54∞C) to 250∞F (1 21 ∞C) with intermittent excursions up to 275∞F (1 35∞C). This material is designed for fillet sealing of fuel tanks and other aircraft fuselage sealing applications. The cured sealant maintains excellent elastomeric properties after prolonged exposure to both jet fuel and aviation gas. No longer released to DTD 900/6138 or AFS 1910 MSRR9144 (MIL-S-8802 for info only )