Paint Activator ACT149 (Omat 766 Catalyst Omat 7/248)

Product Code: ACT149
Category: Overhaul Materials
Specification: BS2X33B; MSRR9064 Issue 10;
Specification 2: MSRR1006 Issue 4
Specification 3: AIMS 04 04 001/004 (MIL-P-23377
Packet Size: 5L
Activator 149 is the base / hardener / activator used with PR143 to form an ambient curing epoxy primer developed for the internal and external protection of aircraft. The base component contains strontium chromate for long-term corrosion inhibition. Fully cured PR143 possess excellent resistance to aircraft fluids such as phosphate ester hydraulic oils and combined with its superior water resistance and adhesion characteristics offers a significant advantage over conventional epoxy primers. BS2X33B; MSR