Paint Epoxy EC75/801 Black (Omat 788 and 7/171 Base)

Product Code: EC75/801
Category: Overhaul Materials
Specification: Def Stan 80-161/1 MSRR9064 Issue 10
Specification 2: COMAT 07-117
Specification 3:
Packet Size: 5L
EC75/801 is a Black two-pack ambient curing epoxy finish possessing good adhesion and high chemical resistance. This combination of properties makes it an ideal topcoat to enhance the protection of either epoxy or polyurethane primers used on the internal structure of aircraft by providing an easily cleaned finishing coat which has high resistance to aircraft fluids including phosphate ester hydraulic fluids. EC 75 is approved to the following specification: DEF STAN 80-161/1 Def Stan 80-161/1 MSRR9064 I