Microseparometer Model 1140 Mark X

Product Code: 140 00 0010
ID: Emcee 1140

The Model 1140 Micro-Separometer is a electro-mechanical instrument used to perform four discrete tests.

ASTM Standard Test Methods D3948 (Jet), D7224 (Jet) and D7261 (Diesel) are used to rate water separation characteristics and D4860 (Jet or Diesel) detects and numerically rates free water and particulate contamination.

This instrument performs each of the four tests above simply by using one of the four “Six Packs” containing the proper coalescer cells.


Water Separation Characteristic

Test Method D3948, D7224 and D7261 employs the use of a turbidimeter, a mechanical mixer, and a disposable coalescer filter. A portion of the sample, in a clear glass vial, is used to set the meter to read 100. The sample in the vial is discarded and the vial is retained.

Another portion of the sample in a plastic syringe is used to create a water/fuel emulsion using the mixer. The emulsion is passed through the filter at a programmed rate and a portion is collected in the retained vial. The vial is replaced in the turbidimeter and the water separation characteristic of the fuel is rated.

The value obtained is compared to the unprocessed sample that was used to set the meter to 100. The higher the rating, 100 being the maximum, the less surfactant present.


The Microsep® Mk-X is a completely portable and self contained unit, operating on an internal rechargeable battery. The unit may be operated at sites where no AC power supply is available. It also may be operated while connected to an AC power line (110 V AC or 220V AC may be used) via the standard 3 pin IEC power plug (not supplied). Detachable power cords are available for various voltages. The AC power source will power the unit and charge the battery - the battery is only charged in this manner.  The battery pack cannot be charged externally or replaced by the user. Space is available in the case lid to store disposable materials for running several tests.

Dimensions of the instrument are 46x35x16 cm Weight: 15kg

Instrument Documentation

Med-Lab has several documents for the 1140 instrument including the user manual and AOT troubleshooting guide.  These are available on the USER MANUAL PAGE


Old, MK-V Information!

The MK-V Microseparometer is no longer supported by the manufacturer – Emcee Electronics. Production of this Model ceased at the end of 2008 with instruments with a 6-digit serial number. 5-digit serial number instruments have been un-supported for some time as they ceased production at the end of 2000 so are at least 18+ years old.
Any instrument with a serial number 107378 or below is now not supported.
If you have an old MK-V instrument, Med-Lab offers a trade-in discount against the current model.
For details of this offer, please contact our office on
+44 1332 349094 [email protected]