Falex Ellipsometer F430

Product Code: 430 001 002
ID: Falex F430

The updated Falex F430 Ellipsometer is the reference instrument for analysing Heater Tubes used in ASTM D3241 - IP323 - ISO6249. The F430 is a High Precision, Laser instrument for measuring light fuel deposits on Heater Tubes evaluated using Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Testing / F400 and equivalent instruments


The Falex F430 Ellipsometer is the ONLY reference instrument currently specified in ASTM D3241 Annex A3. This can be verified in ASTM D1655 under table 1, point M.  This Statement reads:

M. Tube deposit ratings shall be measured by D3241 Annex A2 ITR or Annex A3 ETR, when available. If the Annex A2 ITR device reports “N/A” for a tube’s volume measurement, the test shall be a failure and the value reported as >85 nm. Visual rating of the heater tube by the method in D3241 Annex A1 is not required when Annex A2 ITR or Annex A3 ETR deposit thickness measurements are reported. In case of dispute between results from visual and metrological methods, the referee shall be considered the Annex A3 ETR method if available, otherwise Annex A2 ITR.”

Comparison Table:









Tube Reader 

3D Map of Deposits Yes Yes Yes No
Reads all Deposits Yes  No ? Yes
Auto Tube Centering  Yes  No  No No
Speed of Analysis (Min)  <15-12 <15 10 <10 
D3241 / IP323 Approved  Yes Yes Yes Yes
D1655 / Def 9191 Approved  Yes Yes No Yes
Referee Method  Yes No No No
Sustainable Method Yes      
Auto Tube Initialisation  Yes      
NIST Tube Cakibration Yes      


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