Falex F400 JFTOT - ASTM D3241 - Heater Tube and Filter Kit, Pack of 12

Product Code: 400 560 001
ID: Falex F400

Aluminium Heater Tube and Filter Kit (HTFK) in a pack of 12 for use with JFTOT and Falex F400 in ASTM D3241 / IP323 / ISO 6249.
Consumables for Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Testing.

The Falex Heater Tubes are fully approved for use in the Falex F400 and all models of the Alcor JFTOT instruments. in late 2011 - ASTM D3241 revision 11a which was subsequently adopted via the EI in IP 323.

PAC equivalent part number 91652


Each kit contains a pack of 12 tubes. Each tube kit has 3x O rings and a filter.


For equivalency validation, please see the independent research report Falex commissioned to achieve approval into the specified ASTM and IP methods.

Research Report