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AOT Premix 28mL for 1140 Microseparometer

Product Code: 142 90 5955
ID: Emcee 1140

AOT premix

This product is a solution of toluene and AOT surfactant and has been produced using the method specified in ASTM D3948ASTM D7224 and ASTM D7261.
It is the final stage solution for direct injection into the Microseparometer 1140 test.
Each bottle is supplied with a Safety Data Sheet and is issued with a batch number and decanting date on the bottle.
Med-Lab's recommended shelf-life is 24 months from the date of decanting (indicated on the label).
Med-Lab guarantees a validity of at least 12 months from date of supply.

Med-Lab recommends that the product is used within 12 months of opening.  Opened bottles should be discarded after this period.



This product can ONLY be supplied to END USERS in the UK and EU countries due as it classified as a Precursor chemical

For people wanting to produce their own solution, the process is described in ASTM D3948, D7224 and D7261.   The final solution used for testing contains 2 Liters of reagent grade toluene with 0.2 grammes of 100% dry Aerosol OT.


Chemical Calibration Method

AOT Certificate

AOT Datasheet

AOT Troubleshooting Guide     

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