Falex Thermal Fouling Tester F450

Product Code: 450 001 002
ID: Falex F450

FT2 for the ultimate evaluation of crude and lubricating oil Coking tendencies.

The Falex Thermal Fouling Tester F450 or FT2 is the first instrument designed specifically for the SAE ARP 5996B Evaluation of Coking Propensity of Aviation Lubricants Using the Single Phase Flow Technique Test Method.

It is designed for ease of use and fully flexible programmability, customisable safety and shutdown protocols.

The Falex FT2 features enhanced hotspot determination, automatic tube temperature profiling and full data acquisition. Standard Test Methods SAE ARP 5996B.

This item is often used as a replacement for the now unsupported HLPS (Hot Liquid Process Simulator) instrument.

This instrument can be supplied in 2 versions depending on your specification.

450 001 002 Thermal fouling tester 230V SAE ARP 5996B, standard temperature.

450 001 004 Thermal Fouling Tester Refinery Process Analyser for higher temperatures, heavy fuels incorporating heated feed and return lines.


F450 - SAE User Manual

F450 - RPA User Manual

F450 Brochure